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Advocacy in Action
What is an advocate?

Advocates are catalysts and act as change agents. Change can happen on an individual, local, national, or universal level. All levels of change are important and necessary.
  • Advocates create change by promoting a cause, by having an interest, and by using their passion.
  • When you stand up for yourself, speak your mind, ask questions, share your story….you are an advocate.
  • Advocacy happens anywhere and everywhere--whenever you stand up for yourself, ask or answer questions, or provide guidance and information, advocacy is happening.
  • Everyone can play a part in making change happen whether your audience is 1 or 100,000!
  • Personal stories are a powerful way to communicate and advocates can help create change by telling stories--their own or others.

What is Advocacy and its relation to Breast Cancer?
Advocacy is a powerful way to join others in the fight against breast cancer. Advocacy is positive action that gets results! Advocacy has helped improve access to health care, increased federal funding for breast cancer research and increased breast cancer awareness.

It involves many things: from talking to your friends and family about improving access to care, to research and communication with your elected representatives when critical breast cancer issues arise.

How does the Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation create Advocates?
The goal of the Linda Creed's Advocacy Program is to eradicate breast cancer through an action agenda of educating the public, government and legislators through political and patient advocacy.

Our advocacy efforts include:

Legislative Advocacy
The Linda Creed is the local grassroots advocacy coordinator for the National Breast Cancer Coalition and acts as an effective force in the national breast cancer debate. We coordinate NBCC efforts in Pennsylvania and participate at their annual advocacy conference and Lobby Day. Members of our Advocacy Action Team receive timely alerts about breast cancer-related information and are asked to contact their legislators on important breast health issues. For a look at past alerts click here.

Patient Advocacy
Linda Creed provides educational information and skill-building to individuals so they may better understand the complexity of breast cancer. With this enhanced knowledge, individuals can work with community groups, health care providers, researchers, and their friends and family to increase breast cancer awareness and knowledge.

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